Custom Rebuilt Equipment Specials

  • Sweepers
  • Sewer
  • HydroEx
  • Refuse

Street Sweepers

All reconditioned Street Sweepers are subject to a 100-point inspection.

Sewer Equipment

All reconditioned Sewer Equipment are subject to a 100-point inspection.

Hydro Excavators

Compact to Full-Sized Hydro Excavators

Refuse Trucks

Rear Loaders, Front Loaders, Side Loaders

We have purchased multiple pieces of equipment from Custom Rebuilt over the years. They are responsive, professional, timely and stand behind their product.

We have been in the industrial cleaning business for over 12 years and bought our first (2) trucks from Custom Rebuilt.  They took the time to understand our needs and provided exactly what we required to be successful.  We have grown considerably since then and we couldn’t have done it without their help.  I highly recommend them to anyone.

The City of Meadowlakes recently purchased a CUSTOM REBUILT, 2001 International 4900 Sewer/Vacuum truck in July 2020. Jim Ricker was our sales associate who is very knowledgeable about the equipment he is selling. He was very informative through the whole buying process and kept me updated on a daily basis. I flew to Chicago to take a look at the truck and after inspection there were a few minor repairs to be made. There was also a hydro kit that still needed to be installed as we had previously discussed. While I was there waiting for the truck to be finished, Joe Donlon provided lodging for me and directed me to find an amazing Chicago hot dog. CUSTOM REBUILT was very hospitable and I am truly thankful. Steve Southard trained me on how to operate the truck properly, made a video and made sure that I had access to an online owner, operator and parts manual for the equipment we were purchasing. I drove the truck for 21 hours back to Texas with no issues whatsoever with the truck. It ran great. We have since then put the truck into service and everything works just as expected. Jim Ricker did a great job of following up after the sale to see if we were having any problems and were satisfied with our truck.  We are very pleased with the whole buying experience and addition to our fleet of equipment.


Custom Rebuilt

Custom Rebuilt® is a leading supplier of remanufactured infrastructure maintenance equipment. Areas of expertise include: Sewer Cleaners, Street Sweepers, Sewer Inspection Cameras, Hydro Excavators and Refuse Trucks.

With OEM trained technicians, sales professionals and over 50 years of experience; we take the guesswork out of procuring and refurbishing equipment.

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Buy from the Experts

1. We purchase equipment of value
2. Perform detailed systems analysis
3. Evaluate customer’s equipment specific needs
4. Recondition equipment based on consultation
5. Training to ensure proper use/maintenance of equipment

100 Point Inspection Mechanical Sweeper

100 Pt Plus Inspection Sewer Cleaners



Custom Rebuilt® is a leading supplier of remanufactured infrastructure maintenance equipment.