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Unit Z001426 Equipped as Follows:

  • Chassis: 2016 Isuzu NRR Left Hand Steer
  • Elgin Broom Badger Mechanical Street Sweeper
  • Dual Side Brooms
  • Left Side Dumping Hopper
  • Right Hand and Left Hand Side Broom Tilt
  • Conveyor Squeegee
  • 4 Cubic Yard Debris Hopper
  • 220 Gallon Water Tank, PM-10 Compliant
  • Front Spray Bar
  • Hopper Inspection Door
  • Kubota V2403M 59hp , Tier 4i Aux-Engine
  • Chassis Approx.71,719 Miles &  7,221 Hrs.  Approx 4,432 Aux Hrs.



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