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Unit Z000466 Equipped as Follows:

Vactor 2100i PD Sewer Cleaner

Chassis: 2020 Freightliner 114SD, 6×4, 9L

10 Yard Debris Body,

1300 Gallon Water Capacity

18” Vacuum, 80 GPM/2500 PSI

Debris Body Washout

Air Purge

Lube Manifold

6” Rear Door Knife Valve

Centrifugal Separators

Folding Pipe Rack Curbside/Streetside

180 deg. 10’ x 15’ Rapid Deployment Boom

Hydroexcavation Kit

Cold Weather Recirculator

Bellypack Wireless Controls

Water Heater, 400,000 BTU’s

700’ x 1” Piranha Sewer Hose

 Hose Wind Guide



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