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Unit Z000557 Equipped as Follows:

Chassis: 2019 Kenworth T370 SBA, 6×4, 8.9L, 330 HP, Automatic

Paccar PX-9 Diesel Engine

16” Vacuum, 9 Yard Debris Body, 600 Gallon Water Capacity

Roots 624 Blower w/Direct Drive Transfer Case

Lube Manifold

Folding Pipe Racks Curbside/Streetside

Air Excavation Package, 185 CFM/150 PSI

Debris Body Vibrator, Electric

Float Ball Screen

320 Degree 5ft. Telescoping Boom

Vacuum Enhancer

Air Purge

Water Heater, 400,000 BTU’s

Cold Weather Recirculator

Rear Directional Control, Split LED Arrow Traffic Controller, 10 Lights



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